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About the Work

About the Work
Since the mid-90’s I have worked exclusively with large format cameras of various make and size. In the beginning I was attracted to large negatives for their detail and the ability to control the development of every exposure with regards to contrast range. But what really works for me is the slow and contemplative approach this working method requires. Set up time and expense require that you really know your intentions when you approach a subject this way and it’s common for me to stalk a subject, sometimes for years, to really learn about it before attempting an image.

Most of my prints are Gelatin Silver prints made in a darkroom, once in awhile I make a Platinum/Palladium Print, and if I have a situation that dictates I’ll make prints in the digital medium utilizing Pigmented Inks on Archival Paper. I process my own films and make my own prints unless it is a digital print in a size that exceeds my production capabilities, a very rare situation. I do not employ and an assistant, although it would be convenient to have one to blame when things go wrong. In 2005 I was appointed the Artist in Residence at the Grand Canyon North Rim and have been published in several issues of Black and White Magazine.

My work is in a number of public and private collections, and most importantly, in the hands of people who collect it because it speaks to them. They tend to be less interested in cliché or geography but are, like me, in a state of amazement at the beauty of it all.

March 2012