Chris Coffey Photographs

Pecan Trees in Fog, MS

Greetings. In the fall newsletter I mentioned my new project: posting a new image each week until the end of the year. Finding work in the files is never a problem as have both long term projects (The Mission Project and Coastal Defense) that I am working on as well as a long “to do” list of stand alone images. The hard part is choosing which one to work on and post. As I mentioned in the newsletter there will be no particular order for this fun endeavor: I’ll post a new tree, an abstract or landscape or maybe something from one of the projects. The idea is just to get a new one worked on and posted each week. This is fun!

The image for week #3 is from a retired pecan orchard in MS. Here's an the story from my travel journal...

Left Memphis early this morning, headed for Houston and taking as long as it takes me. Yesterday I wandered the route of the Delta Blues, seeing a part of the country I know only by legend and stopping when the light ran out. Up early this morning to find overcast and fog, I continued southbound and came across a retired Pecan Orchard. It’ s likely that trees of this age have begun to reach the end of their natural life and while there was a blank spot here and there, rows of shapely trees stretched over the hill and beyond casting wonderful shapes in the generous light of dawn. At first the limbs appeared bare but a closer look revealed the same resurrection ferns commonly found growing on the top of Live Oak limbs when enough soil collects in the cracks of the bark. Just a few inches long, these ferns will turn brown and appear to die off during dry times only to reappear and revive themselves when the rain comes back.

Travel Journal

Southern Mississippi October, 2008