Chris Coffey Photographs

Coastal Defense Project Release

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of a new body of work. As some of you know, I have been working on this long term project (and there is more than one) since 1998 and have managed to make prints of a couple of the negatives in the last year. In the interest of getting to this project and the rest of the projects I want to print I literally locked myself in the darkroom from Dec. 2013 through the end of Feb. 2014 to edit and print this project. While there are a few remaining forts that I will photograph on the eastern seaboard this summer the principle photography is done and I wanted to bring them to life as prints. Some of this work dates back to fall of 98’ - before I knew it was destined to be a project.

I have just completed arranging the images into a mockup for the book and will begin shopping the work to potential publishers in the spring. It has been a real experience - 3 months devoted to the printing and editing of one project, learning new processes like In-design and Acrobat as vehicles for the book draft, and I even mixed in a one on one workshop with noted photographer and Ansel Adams assistant Alan Ross.

Five new images will be posted per week. Click on the Recent category to view this new work. 11”x14” prints on 16” x 20” boards are available now and I will begin making the 16” x 20” prints in a few weeks. Hope you enjoy this new work.

Chris Coffey
March 2014